guided experience

In this type of activity, it offers the rental of Seacling bicycles together with an accompaniment by a specialized guide/technician who will provide all the necessary information to carry out the activity in a fun, entertaining and safe way during the different routes that the environment offers us. , discovering the most beautiful and hidden corners that otherwise could be difficult to find by users with little knowledge of the area.

This experience is designed for trips lasting approximately 3 hours, enough time to discover and enjoy the most interesting points of the marked route. The excursion will be private for the group that makes the reservation and, therefore, adjusted to the level and objectives that this group wishes.


Seacling: €45

Guide: €60


There is the possibility of making a 2-hour outing, with a slight variation in prices:

Seacling: €35

Guide €50


*The price includes Seacling and life jackets. Being able to include in the output, with separate prices, as optional material: waterproof bags (to carry important objects for you without the risk of them getting wet), Snorkel kits (To enjoy the seabed of the most beautiful corners of the place while we bathe in clear and transparent water) or cold drinks (helping to get through the high summer temperatures better).