SUP - Paddle suref

Choose what type of outing you want to do to enjoy the best way of your SUP - Paddle Surf board rental.

- Hourly rental: To enjoy your favorite summer activity in your own way and for as long as you think is appropriate.

- Good morning: If you want to see a sunrise in the best way, this is your rental modality

- Guided excursion: If you do not feel safe enough to leave the bay of Sant Feliu on your own, but you want to enjoy Cala del Vigatà on SUP, do not hesitate, our specialized guides and technicians will accompany you so that you can enjoy this rental mode in a safe and fun way

- KING experience: With this table that can support up to 9 adults on top, you can enjoy an ideal activity for groups of friends, bachelorette parties and simply hanging out with your loved ones in the same place and in a fun way.